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Craig Lock’s Creative Writing Courses
Courses Available Online Now for you to complete by email at your leisure.

Ever wanted to write? A short story or perhaps even a book? Is there a talent for creative writing within you? How do you know if there is? Do you have some interesting experiences to share, your life story perhaps?

We have Creative Writing Courses for you, it may provide that spark to get you into print

There is a vast market of readers out there expectantly waiting for new information, insights and experiences – real people with whom you could share many interesting subjects. They might want to hear about your experiences, your thoughts, your unique ideas, and even perhaps the tale of your life…because I believe that everyone has some story within them just waiting to be told and shared.

So open up your inner world to them through creative writing. Unleash those creative talents within you.

This is your chance to begin.


Introductory Creative Writing Course

This course is designed to be done one lesson at a time.

You may start the course at any time and work through the lessons at your own pace.

The course is still being developed at this stage, and new lessons are being added on a weekly basis.

At the end of each Lesson there is an exercise for you to do.

Please complete the exercise and send it to me via e-mail in text format for assessment.

I will endeavour to reply with comments as quickly as possible depending on the response to the course.

I promise to only offer constructive criticism, because I know from experience how much easier it is to criticise than to create.

Comments and questions can be directed to me via e-mail at any time.

A Certificate will be given to those who complete the course.

Testimonials for Craig Lock’s Creative Writing Courses.

[Register for Creative Writing]Craig,
I just wanted to say thanks. I’ve enjoyed your course. It’s been fun working with you and I’ll probably check in a couple of months to see about your advanced course and the one on how to get published. I would also like a certificate just for the heck of it.

– JM (USA)
“I see the same philosophy in you, Craig, like when you are combining impressions from South Africa with those from New Zealand in your writings.
We, open minded immigrants are sculpting a new world order, and it is the multinational corporations that are actually enforcing it all over the globe — not to mention the internet. So, keep selling your books and courses across borders and offer your friendship on top of it: it is just what the peace doctor ordered!

Speaking of courses, yes, I would like to take the advanced course you are preparing – just let me know when it starts.”
J.K (U.S.A)

“Thanks for the input, Craig. I find my confidence and writing skills have improved tremendously. I’ve greatly enjoyed it, as we seem to be on the same wave-length. Thanks for putting on the course.”
D.D. (USA)

” I’m really enjoying the course, it’s uplifting and entertaining at the same time with your zany humour. It’s certainly helped develop my creative juices.”
– B. B (Australia)

Check out our Creative Writing Introductory Course or our Creative Writing Advanced Course you will glad you did!

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