PCWC Shorts Part 1

Nick Petrou - Author

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PCWC Shorts Part 1

Every so often I will be typing out and posting some of the work I have done whilst at the Peters Cowan Writers Centre (PCWC).

Each piece is completely random, different and impromptu. Likely this work will not always be science fiction.

Writing Prompt: Invent a word: make up your own words in a story or poem that explain one’s emotional state at a party.

+++I’m cosmoverting, undoubtedly now. Pushed it aside until this very moment. This moment when the one inside oozes out.
+++So many levels, each assigned to a separate entity. So many levels, colliding in a confined space, catalysed by non-lethal dosages of poison.
+++How can this be the norm? Imagine it from the outside ­­­­­­­— an isometric perspective from up there. I look to the…

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