All that I Can See

Mugilan Raju

I can see a dimly rainbow-lit bridge.

I can see us, wearing yesterday.

I can see a middle-aged architecture alley, with gargoyles staring at us.

I can see the whole place wondering aloft a cloud, right next to me.

I can see a bench, two lovers, and a blinding light that I mistake for the sun.

I can see herwearing an outstretched night sky, a black silk dress. Herhair is strewn all over the sky today, filled with clouds.

I can see galaxies exploding in her eyes.

I can see stars collapsing, others being reborn, deep down in her eyes.

I can see her lips, and mistake them for that fine line separating the sky and the ocean. Once they part, sheswallow in every drop.

I can see valleys covered in ice, with a raging fire underneath.

I can see the shadow of the universe, trapped in her eyelids, hymning…

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